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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Souvenir and Gift Shops at Kuala Lumpur China Town

There is quite a number of souvenir and premium gift shops around Kuala Lumpur Chinatown. Young ladies have so much fun looking around the many many items at these shops. You can find beautiful, colourful, glittering ribbons, paper gift boxes, beads, wrapping paper and even Christmas decorations like ornaments, artificial trees, bells, tinsel, angel, reindeers, etc. Look, 2 different versions of Santa Clause are already here at the shop entrance welcoming the guests in. Good old Santa is playing the saxophone while young Santa beside him is reading a book. Next to them are 2 pretty ladies in pink, one is a fantasy lass holding an electric guitar while the other is real! I think this shop is selling santa and santarina outfits.

This guy snapped my photo just as I was snapping some photographs at his direction. Just a moment ago, his friends were dancing behind his back. There are so much fun and gaity here.

This guy is trying on some Chrismassy decorations. I guess he is very happy because there is so much variety and things are so colourful and cheap here. Some shops here are wholesalers while others are retailers.

This is my entry for the fun and wonderful weekly memes, Scenic Sunday #69. To participate or view other pictures around the world, click here.


  1. Colorful and fun photos. I am just not ready to do Christmas shopping just yet.

  2. Looks like everyone was having fun - even Santa Claus was there!

  3. wow..already preparing for xmas..

  4. Love the Santas with the guitar-playing doll - Santa seems to be early here as well, so I linked your Santa picture to mine.

    I hope you got to dance, too!

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  5. Who's the girl in first picture?

    The guy in 2nd pic must be a football fan. Did you take this picture last Saturday? That's day Malaysian Cup final was played.

  6. lama dh x pegi china town nie..
    bila la dptg g lagi...hehehe


  7. The girl in the first picture is my model for the day. Yes, I went there last Saturday morning, Nov 7. That same evening, my son injured himself during a soccer game and was hospitalised.

  8. So Sweet, Did you go to our Royal Selangor to buy some Premium Gift for your friends and family???


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