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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zhing Kong Restaurant at Jalan Hang Kasturi

The buses and taxis are coming in along Jalan Sultan. The building on the right at location B is Klang Bus Stand.

The corner restaurant at location A is Resoran Zhing Kong. It is located at Jalan Hang Kasturi, formerly known as Roger Street. You can reach Central Market by walking all the way up along this road i.e. towards the left of the picture.

This is Zhing Kong Restaurant (星江茶餐室). This established restaurant has been here for decades and it is also serves good beef noodle soup. Beef balls, sliced beef, ox tripe and offals are served together with the noodles. I have come here many times, from a kid to teenager to adult to savour the food served here. There is also chicken rice, fish ball noodle soup, many types of soft drinks, herbal drinks, fruit juices and I think they even sell liquor. Office staff and commuters drop by to have lunch, tea, dinner or supper before going back to work or boarding the buses back home. It is a recommended restaurant in the Lonely Planet.

The address:
No. 90, Jln Hang Kasturi
50050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2070 8868

This restaurant is visible and within walking distance from the Pasar Seni LRT station. It is just opposite the Klang Bus Stand. There is another hawker centre above the Klang Bus Stand that serves mainly northen malay food and Restoran Hameed on the ground floor that serves nasi kandar and indian muslim food.

The junction at location A is an important landmark for backpackers, tourists, street walkers and people like us who want to go to Jalan Tun HS Lee (Kuan Ti Temple), Petaling Street (heart of KL Chinatown), Jalan Hang Lekir (florists and food) and Central Market (handicrafts).

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  1. Your food descriptions are quite something! Thanks for telling about the restaurant. A busy place.

  2. Now I'm hungry. :) Both are great photos but I really like the first one with the buses and taxis.

  3. Some of your readers are from other countries. You may want to include some pictures of the food.

  4. Hope to sample the fare there someday.

  5. I think I've pass by this restaurant, but didn't go in. Are they halal- certified?

  6. Leora, Stephany,B Squared, thank you very much for your visit and nice comments.

    Kheng Siong, thank you for the suggestion.

    Jama, Restoran Zhing Kong's food is not halal. Halal food is sold at the Klang Bus Stand, e.g. Restoran Hameed.

  7. I found this of great interest since I'm from America...would love to be there enjoying it all in person.

    My R T is seaworthy...OUCH! Click here

  8. would love some pictures of the food..


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