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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dessert Street, Ipoh Tong Sui Kai

“Dessert Street, Ipoh Tong Sui Kai”, a copyrighted post, was written for Klang, Malaysia Daily Photo blog by Autumn Belle @ http://mymalaysiadailyphoto.blogspot.com/ on 10th July 2010.

Dessert Street or Ipoh Tong Sui Kai (糖水街) is located at Church Street (Jalan Gereja), Off Jalan Sultan Idris Shah. My favourite eating place in the late evenings is here along this road that is located just next to Sam Tet Primary & Secondary School, Ipoh.  Here's some of my favourite stalls:

Stall no. 21
Here is my favourite tong sui stall where I can find the most delicious deserts, ABC, nyonya kuih, jelly with ice-shavings, Bo Bo Cha Cha, sweet potato, sago, black bean, red bean (红豆沙),  black sesame soup (芝麻糊). Not too sweet but just nice and you can take it hot or cold.

Nyonya desserts such as 9-layered kuih, maize, sago, pak-tong (white sugar) kuih, woon chai (small saucer) kuih all have that special pandan flavour.

Stall no. 18 sells Porridge with a choice of mix pig innards (chee chap chok), frog legs, fish or chicken.
Stall no. 19 sells wanton and soup noodles. There's another one nearby that sells Bah-Kut-Teh, Ipoh style.

Leng Chee Kang (清补凉)  is a tong sui made from dried longans, dried persimmons, quail eggs, snow fungus, barley, gingo seeds and lotus seeds.

Pig offals porridge

Other stalls include Ipoh fried koay teow, stir fried dishes made to order, beef noodles, sotong-kangkong (cuttlefish with water spinach). Some of the hawkers have been selling the same food from their family's secret recipes for many years.

This is one of the place I miss the most whenever I have to leave Ipoh to go back home.

Wenn, you are so lucky!

Earlier, I had got the dates all mixed up, so this is my belated entry for That's My World Tuesday Season 2 Episode 39. To view what others have in their world, please visit here.


  1. The Leng Chee Kang dessert looks more like an herbal soup. Maybe it's good to cool you down in the hot weather over there?

  2. ya, i hv been there! tong sui..

  3. Yes, this is herbal soup prepared in a sweet solution form, hence its name 'tong sui' meaning sugar water! We take a lot especially in the hot weather to cool down our body system. This is the Cantonese style of Kwantung and Hong Kong. In Malaysia, the locals drink coconut juice to cool the body.

  4. Didn't know there's a dessert street in Ipoh. I am a desserts person.


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