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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ipoh Town Hall Building

This Ipoh Town Hall Building with Greek/Roman columns and Neo-Moorish architecture style is located just opposite the Ipoh Railway Station.

It was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback (1871-1948).  The building works which started in 1914 was completed in 1916. The Post and Telegraph Department shifted here from Taiping in 1928. In 1948 it served as  Ipoh District Police Head Quarters. From 1962 until now, it is used as a Public Auditorium.

AB Hubback was the British govenment's architectural assistant to the Director of Public Works who also designed the Railway Stations of Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. He was a Brigadier General during the First World War.

“Ipoh Town Hall Building ”, a copyrighted post, was written for Klang, Malaysia Daily Photo blog by Autumn Belle @ http://mymalaysiadailyphoto.blogspot.com/ on July 24th, 2010.

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  1. This is very pretty and elegant.

  2. wo, u captured it beautifully!

  3. Quite pretty, in a very exhuberant way. What a mixture of influences!

  4. I'm glad tt the authorities are preserving the colonial buildings and finding new uses for them in your country too! Pity abt the prison tt they tore down recently.

  5. Pretty! The whole thing looks like lace!

  6. Looks like a palace. Did the Resident live there?

  7. Gorgeous building! Does the building curve? Or does it just seem like it?

  8. It is a sumptuous building. Very beautiful.


  9. I liked how you captured your photo of this beautiful building, nice photo, thanks for sharing.

    help me decide on a photo for my scenic sunday on my sari blog,i'm submitting this for a competition

  10. Gorgeous building. I would love to visit your city someday!


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