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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Scenic Sunday at Perak Cave Temple (霹雳洞)

This is another view of the scenic garden featuring Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy at Perak Cave Temple (Chinese: 霹雳洞). To see the full front view of Guan Yin, please click here.

Graceful willows inspire the mind.
A gentle sway and it whispers, what a great place to unwind.
Some beautiful bonsais,
A stone inscription that makes me sigh.
Some pebbles, rocks and boulders, a goddess so devine.
The garden is complete with the summer pavilion just behind.

This doggie dear is my model for the day. He just laid there, willingly posing for me. I think he is a natural. He is wearing a doggie badge around his neck with a message that the owner has a dog licence to keep him. Strays are rounded up and caught by the authorities on a regular basis. I guess this temple is animal friendly.

Monkeys roam freely and have fun here too. Look! I have another willing model. Actually, she looked at me, than turn a little, and stayed still for a moment while I took her picture, with flash and all. What a beautiful pose.

Bougainvilleas are found everywhere in Ipoh. This one is blooming profusely now. After all, Ipoh is also named Bougainvillea City.

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  1. Wonderful photos of the temple and the doggie dear and the cool monkey. The bougainvillea is beautiful and one of my favorite plants.

  2. Great photos, especially of the doggie in front of the temple.

  3. You captured everything so well. Liked them all.

  4. Another wonderful set of photos from the temple! I really like the willows. And please thank your models for us for being so cooperative! ;)

  5. Magnificent flowers, I love this colour!
    Congratulations for so beautiful set of pictures, I also loved your cute critter! :)
    God bless you
    Léia (Bonjour Luxembourg)

  6. Don't see any people in the photos. There were more creatures than human, huh?

  7. your models are quite natural i should say.. the monkey looks hideous in those trees. ^-^
    it's been ages since i last visited a temple...and the exterior is quite imposing.

  8. Beautiful scenery! Love the dog in front of the temple and the flowers are fabulous!

  9. such a lovely garden...i love the willows..there's something mystique about it almost magical!


  10. OOOh, I have been there but so many years ago that I don't remember much of it. Thanks for posting the pics.

  11. Great pictures,
    thanks for sharing :)

  12. You are so lucky to have those models!...and we are lucky too to get to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing, Autumn.

  13. What a combination of memes. Love the bougainvillea.

    Here's my first TF entry. Hope you can come by!

  14. great shots. the boungainvillea is one of my all time fave plants too..

  15. There's lots of bougainvillea here in Singapore too, they thrive in hot climate.

  16. The bougainvillea is such a wonderful colour!! And I love your willing models!!

  17. Love the monkey and the dog is a sweetheart~ I had a bougainnvillea's nearly the same color climbing up a tree..lightening struck the tree but it turned the monster bush into a hedge! I love those- Cheers-

  18. very cool pictures all though the doggie is the model I love the building behind it as well

  19. A great combination of scenery, animals and flowers. Well done.


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