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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Think Green - Help Save Our Turtles!

This signboard is erected on The Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson. It says:

" Love our Environment & Turtles.
This beach is traditionally their habitat.
Egg laying seasin is between Feb - Jun when it is dark and quiet after 11pm.
Save the turtles!!"

On September 28th, 2009, the following was reported by New Straits Times online newspaper:

Two of the four turtle species in Malaysia face possible extinction. Experts also predict that all four species; Leatherback, Olive Ridley, Green and Hawksbill turtles will disappear in a few more years if the local trade in and consumption of turtle eggs are not banned. For further details, read here.

Help us save our turtles. Learn more about how you can help and/or pledge your support by clicking on the logo below. I have already pledged mine.

Pledge Your Support!

This is my entry for Think Green Thursday #19. My grateful thanks to Rambling Woods for making this possible. To view what others around the world have to say or to participate, visit here.


  1. I am happy to see that somebody is trying to protect the turtle eggs as they are so endangered. I think I saw a story on television that the eggs are collected as food. This is a wonderful post for Think(ing)Green Autumn Bell... Michelle

  2. An all-time favorite of mine - sea turtles. Have you visited Turtle Talk with Tootie? She lives in Florida, and works hard for the cause.


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