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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fo Guang San FGS Dong Zen Temple

The main gate

The Dong Zen Buddhist Monastery and Institution ( 馬來西亞佛光山 东禅寺) is located in the town of Jenjarom, Selangor, Malaysia. Jenjarom is about 100km west of Kuala Lumpur or an hours' drive by car.

The statue of Bodhisattva Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy)

It was founded in 1994 and since its opening, hundreds of thousands visitors from local and abroad have visited this temple. It has also brought thousands of tourists to this sleepy town. It is not surprising that during the first 15 days of every Chinese New Year, many thousands of people will visit this place and the town will be congested with traffic jams as there are lots of activities planned for the festive season.

When you enter the driveway into this temple, you will not miss the statue of the Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin) at the park in front of the entrance to this temple.

The monumental archway

Dong Zen was set up by the Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Buddhist Monastic Order. Its headquarters is in Kaoshiung, Taiwan. I think Fo Guang Shan (佛光山) means Mountain of Enlightenment while Dong Shan Si (东禅寺) means Eastern Zen Monastery. It houses a Buddhist college where students between ages of 18-35, can learn the fundamentals of the Dharma for a year and thereafter they can opt to further their studies in Taiwan or Hong Kong. Seminars and retreats are also held here.

The main shrine houses a 5.4m (18ft) statue of Buddha sculptured in bronze. There are also copper tooling works of art depicting Buddha's life on the walls.

Some of the activities held for the general public include the following:
a) Chinese New Year Lantern and Floral Festival - beautiful floral displays during the day and lighting fantasy at night.
b) Book Fair
c) Exhibitions on Buddhism articles, organic and vegetarian products
d) Contests on photography, drawing, calligraphy and outdoor sketching

This is the lapis lazuli transparent tower where one can pay homage to the Medicine Buddha.

The structures that make up this temple include the following:
a) Main Gate
b) Bodhisattva Guan Yin statue
c) Monumental Archway
d) Main Shrine
e) Stone sculptures of the 18 Arhats (saints or sages who had attained enlightenment)
f) Lumbini Garden with water lily pond, orchid plot and a landscaped koi pond with miniature waterfalls
g) Tower of The Medicine Buddha
h) 2 teahouses
i) Art Gallery
j) Office and library

This temple practices the 'Think Green Concept' and cares for the environment. Can you see the row of recycle bins arranged neatly here.

You can come here during the day for prayers or meditation. Perhaps if you like to keep fit, you can come here to do some tai-chi or jog around the tranquil and picturesque garden. While it is very very crowded during the Chinese New Year season, the atmosphere is more relaxed during the off season.

For more photos from my posts about this temple please click here.

FGS Dong Zen Temple Malaysia
Fo Guang Shan Malaysia ( 馬來西亞佛光山)
PT 2297, Jalan Sg Buaya
42600 Jenjarom, Selangor
Tel: +603-3191 1533
Opening hours: 9:30am - 6pm (Tue - Sun)
Close on Mondays.
Note: please contact them before going as they may be closed during certain busy periods.

For further information you may visit them at the following:

Updated: 5 Nov 2012: The temple will be closed to the public from 20-24 Nov 2012 as they are preparing for a big event, "Buddhist Cultural and Dharma Blessing Function" held at Stadium Shah Alam Selangor on 24 Nov 2012, from 7pm onwards. The founder, Master Hsing Yun will be coming to MALAYSIA.

Speech by Master Hsing Yun, Performances, Candle light blessing, Triple gem refuge and five precepts ceremony, and meeting with Master Hsing Yun
Contact: 03 - 3191 1533 / 03 - 7877 6533 (Fo Guang Shan Temple) or +6010 - 250 6921 (Pin Wen) 


  1. A marvelous and interesting post and your photos are incredible! Thank you so much the tour and the information about this lovely part of your world!



  2. Great post on the temples and your photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  3. nice pictures of the temple..

  4. Intersting stuff and nice pictures. I like that main gate,

  5. The Malaysia FGS website is devoid of info. They have moved to Facebook instead.

  6. Slyvia K, Eileeninmd,Wenn,James,
    Thank you very much for the visit and nice comments.

    Khengsiong, thank you for the visit and information which I welcome and appreciate very much. I have updated my post to reflect the changes.

  7. How did you manage to take photos without anyone there?

    The brinjals are yellow, I don't think they will turn to purple.

  8. It looks like a huge complex with so many things to see! And take pictures of. :)


  9. Ann, I went there during the off season i.e. no exhibition or festivals. There were much less visitors. I just have to wait until others have taken their turn or walked away.

    Hilda, This temple compound is indeed very big i.e. 16 acres site.

  10. wow. your photos just made me wanna visit the place someday. thanks for sharing.

  11. It is always great to see other parts of the world's culture and tradition.

    Thank you very much for visiting back..

    By the way, I am trying to generate some support for our daughter. We entered her into a Smile Contest, and was wondering if you could please vote for her (just once), the contest runs until October 31st. Your vote would be so much appreciated.

    To cast your vote, please go to this link. Please look for Jillian Rylie Cottrill.

    Thank you very much!

  12. Too bad there is almost no info on how to get there by public transport.

    1. Simon, it is not easy to get there by public transport - You can take the Klang-Banting bus from Klang town and stop at Jenjerom town, near the 7-Eleven outlet and police station. Then take a taxi or take 20 min walk to reach the place, hopefully you won't get lost. The best mode of transport is by private car or chartered buses.


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