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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deepavali Shopping at Little India, Klang

On Saturday, October 17th, 2009 this year, Hindus around the world will celebrate Deepavali or Diwali. It is also known as the Festival of Lights.

This pictures shows a 'kolam' in the shape of a pair of peacocks at the entrance of the 1-Utama Shopping Complex. It is part of the decoration wishing customers a Happy Deepavali. Kolams are a form of paintings with curved loops, grid lines and beautiful pictures drawn using coloured rice grains or rice powder. You can also find kolams drawn at the entrances of homes. It is said to bring prosperity.

In Klang, the most busy street during this season is Jalan Tengku Kelana, nicknamed The Little India of Klang city. There are quite a number of restaurants here serving authentic Indian and Indian Muslim food. Other shops include goldsmith, blacksmith, groceries, fruits and vegetables, electrical, DVD, textiles, furniture and incense.

Many stores are having festive promotions now, selling a wide variety of foodstuff, clothes, accessories, trendy costume as well as real jewellery, colourful lamps, Persian carpets and home decorative items. Some goods are imported from countries like India, Mexico and Bali, Indonesia. Many shoppers of all races come here to join in the carnival atmosphere and look for bargains.

Look at the lovely, glittering gowns here with intricate sequins and designs. There are also sarees and punjabi suits. This is the place to go if you are looking for some glamour dresses, gowns or beautiful sarees for your coming festive or wedding dinner reception. Fashion here follow the latest Bollywood blockbuster movies and Hindi/Tamil TV serials.

This stall sells plastic flowers, garlands and decorative lights. You can even find the traditional areca nuts and betel leaves or 'pinang and sireh' packs sold here along the five foot ways. Other items include the hand strung jasmine flower garlands. Come here to see how these are made.

This street with the "Welcome to Little India" signage has many many stalls selling cookies, biscuits and food items. My favourite are kacang puteh (a variety of baked or fried nuts), muruku and vadai.

Here is another section of the Deepavali bazaar. The signage says "Happy Deepavali" to all customers. This department stall has a giant Bollywood style signboard.

This is the Flower Street of Little India. These ladies are patiently stringing flower garlands made of jasmine, orchids and chrysanthemum flowers. Cut flowers like roses, lotuses, orchids and chrysanthemums are also available. The air here is scented with the sweet exotic fragranes of all these flowers.

Finally, you can see this type of bazaar at many shopping complexes in the towns and cities here.
This one is at the 1-Utama Shopping Centre .

I would like to wish everyone celebrationg this festival,

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  1. Marvelous, fascinating post! And your pics are terrific -- love the rich colors! Looks like a fun place to be and celebrate Deepavali!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. i enjoyed looking at all the photos, i specially like the gowns, the brown gown to be axact!

    it is nice to find a little place of different culture in one's different country.

    nice post and very informative!

  3. I wish you a Happy Deepavali! It all looks so colorful and fun. I'm sure the festival of lights is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your world.

  4. The peacock art is gorgeous and I LOVE those dresses - so beautiful!

  5. Very nice post. I love the clothes you shown.

    Happy diwali.


  6. You have stirred up my holiday mood!! I have planned to visit Songkai this weekend, hopefully it will come true.

  7. The peacock is so beautiful. It must have taken such a long time to finish. Now that we're back in America I miss the Deepavali festival in Singapore...all the lights!!!

  8. Beautiful, and you convey the true Malaysian spirit here.
    Happy holiday!.
    Yey!... another holiday and another birding trip. ;)

  9. Looks like some great, exotic shopping!

  10. Love the colors!

  11. Beautiful fine stuff and colorful clothes! You have captured it well!

    Happy Deepavali, AB!

  12. Thanks for the tour of little India. It kind of reminds me of our little India.

  13. Beautiful, the red outfit in the last picture is just my style.

  14. No public Holiday for Sarawak during the Deepavali but anyhow I'm sure the Indian community in Sarawak will celebrate Deepavali with 1Malaysia spirit.

  15. I didn't realize that Malaysia has such a large Indian population that the festival is widely publicized. The kolam and the gowns are absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Very nice informative post. Your photos are great, well captured..
    Well done..
    Have a nice day..

    Weblog Popular 1Malaysia


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