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Friday, October 2, 2009

Skywatch Friday Season 4 Episode 12 - Sunset Along The Highway

As I was travelling home along the Federal Highway, I spotted this beautiful sunset.

For more Sky Watch pictures and to participate, please visit the Skywatch site. Skywatch was created by Dot and put in motion by Tom, who made it a huge success. Now it is hosted by Klaus with the help of Sandy, Ivar, Wren and Fishing Guy.


  1. I do this too while on the road, of course I'm not driving.

    Great capture. Happy weekend.

  2. Wow, did you take that shot while you were the one driving?

    ~One Crafty Mama

  3. I hope you are careful. I haven't tried taking photos while driving I usually pull over.

  4. Nice shot, glad you had your camera with you.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  5. My dear friends, Thank you so much for the concern for my safety. I was the co-pilot here. So, its ok.

  6. how did you managed to take nice shots in a moving car? i find it hard to do so!

    nice photo of sunset!

  7. Yesterday,they outlawed texting while driving in Maryland. $500.00 fine!! Glad you weren't driving. I have to say sometimes my camera is just "right there" but....
    Nice capture. Interesting to see from the other side of the road!

  8. Great shot ... I think it's a thrill taking pictures in a moving car!
    happy weekend wanderings!

  9. Pretty colors but those clouds look quite ominous too!

  10. I have used my Nokia handphone camera 2.0 megapixel to capture this. I find the handphone camera very useful for capturing instantaneous and candid shots.

  11. How do you juggle your time to have so many blogs going on? Must learn from you how to manage time! Interesting blog. Just discovered it today.

  12. Hi, Rosie. This City Daily Photo was my Project 365 in 2009-2010. I posted one photo a day. At that time, I only had 2 blogs to handle, so it was easy.


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