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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guan Yin The Goddess of Mercy

This is the statue of Guan Yin standing in the middle of a pond in front of the Perak Cave Temple, Ipoh.

The name Guanyin is short for Guanshi'yin (觀世音), pinyin: guānshì yīn which means 'observing the sounds or cries of the world'. She is Guan Yin to chinese taoists, Bodhisatva Guanyin to buddhists, Kannon to the Japanese and Gwan-eum to the Koreans. We pray to her, asking for her help and blessings for all aspects of our life as we belief that she has immense power and compassion. I guess you can say that she is equivalent to the christian's faith in Mother Mary.

To buddhists, she is the Bodhisatva of Infinite Compassion.

Here, Guan Yin is depicted in a white flowing robe, standing on a lotus flower and wearing a necklace of indian/chinese royalty status. Her left hand is holding a vase of holy water. Sometimes you can see her holding a willow branch on the other hand. There is always an image of the Amitabha Buddha adorning her crown. Behind this statue, there is a pavilion and bridge with a meandering pathway where one can take a stroll across the pond.

Perak Cave Temple is located at a limestone hill enclave along the karst topography landscape of Kinta Valley. Its address is as follows:

4th Mile, Kuala Kangsar Road
30010 Ipoh
Tel: 05-546 5387
Fax: 05-545 1451

This is my entry for Weekend Reflections #5. To view what others have posted for Weekend Reflections, please click here.


  1. A lovely photo it looks so serene and calm. A place for reflection or when the troubles of the world are too much. Thanks for the story and description, just looking at it sends a calmness.

  2. Lovely reflection. What a beautiful place for contemplation. Kathy

  3. A nice looking photo and great reflection. The water is like glass.

  4. wow beautiful reflection and informative post!
    Happy weekend reflection
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  5. Beautiful, and very interesting! I really appreciate the efforts you put in researching your photos, makes them invaluable.

  6. Good photo, nice reflection, and interesting writing. Well done!

  7. Very nice! It looks like Guan Yin has wings... :-)

  8. At first I thought she had wings and was going to fly away! But no, she looks like she'll stay after all.


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