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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chinese Dragons on Chin Swee Temple Rooftop

ABC Wednesday
D is for .....

I look this picture standing near to the Pagoda of Chin Swee Temple, Genting Highlands.

In the west, dragons are fierce creatures that breaths fire. In some fairy tales, such as Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming had to fight off the dragon before he can save Princess Aurora (Briar Rose). There also many dragon-slaying heroes.

In the east, dragons are highly respected, devine mythical creatures of good fortune. According to Chinese folklore, dragons control the rain, river, lakes and seas. Dragons can shrink to the size of a tiny worm or swell to take up the entire space between Heaven and Earth. Dragons can also become visible or invisible and they can transform into human or animal when on a special mission.

In the picture, there is a pearl between the two yellow dragons. This Dragon Pearl is the sacred pearl of wisdom and yang energy. You will often see this pearl whenever you see Chinese Dragons.

How many pairs of dragons can you see in the picture?

Today's post is an entry in ABC Wednesday Round 6, the meme initiated by Denise Nesbitt. For more information and photos, please log on to this site.

Post publication update:
The answer is 2 pairs of dragons, yellow and green. The furthest is a pair of Chi Lins also known as Chinese unicorn or dragon horse.


  1. Marvelous, colorful photos and beautiful dragons! I saw two pair, but I'm probably missing some. Great shot for the D day! Hope your week is going well!


  2. I think there are three.
    I love this shot, what a beautiful view! & perfect for today's D!

  3. Wonderful picture, and good to know the Eastern view of dragons, and how they are honoured.

  4. I too posted a chinese dragon photo for this challenge, saw it at the side of a Chinese Junk just last sunday.

    I see 2 pair of dragons on the temple roof.

  5. Six visible dragons. Nice story. TQ

  6. Looks like a lovely building in a beautiful place. The dragons are beautiful. :)

  7. Really spectacular. I love the look.

  8. Lovely!
    I've always liked the Asian depiction of dragons much better. Northern dragons are so evil. I wonder why that is…

  9. I see LOTS of pairs! LOL!

    Funny how differently we view dragons in the east and the west, isn't it? They're rather splendid though, whatever you think of them.

  10. Nice. And I had forgotten that dragons were the good guys in the East. I like that. Only see one pair of dragons but can't make out what the critters are in the center front...

  11. I see different colors of dragons and this one is awesome too!

    D is for Dad

  12. A magnificent photo of Dragons for the ABC Wednesday "D day!"

  13. Seems appropriate for Chinese New Year. Quite attractive.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!

  14. A beautiful scene. Dragon art is so magical.

  15. I think I saw 5 pairs..but I might be seeing too many. LOL....


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