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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Think(ing) Green Thursday # 21 - Greening Up Halloween

Sometimes, when we order for takeaway food, we will be given disposal containers such as these paper cups. Instead of throwing them to the trash, we can recycle these items. One good use I can think of is to reuse these paper cups in gardening as containers for germinating seeds. Therefore, I will buy less plastic containers and bags.

I wonder how or where does the fast food restaurants dispose off the tons of disposable wastes generated everyday? In Malaysia, almost all the cuttlery and packaging used are disposables. A standard order for a family of 4 will typically have 4 sets of cups, straws/stirrers, spoons whether they are dinning in or having takeaway. We spend only 10 minutes to eat and thereafter the containers end up in the trash bin. If sales are good, rubbish generated will be a lot too. I wonder how many people will recycle all these trash.

The theme for Think Green Thursday this week is 'Greening Up Halloween". If we are having Halloween parties this season, we can think green by using reusable containers like porcelain or glass cuttlery and cups.

This is my entry for Think Green Thursday #21. My grateful thanks to Rambling Woods for making this possible. To view what others around the world have to say or to participate, visit here.


  1. ya..be environmental friendly..

  2. This is a great post Autumn Belle. It's so true that so much get wasted from a simple take out meal. I hadn't thought of that, but I will now. Thank you for posting this to Thinking Green... Michelle

  3. take away food does generate so much waste, there are some takeawys that sell reusable containers that you can take back again and again to be filled with new meals...


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